Any property purchase involves a web of complex legal matters that should be properly attended to. When buying a home through an estate agent, finding and communicating with a conveyancing solicitor is a significant part of the process.

But do you need a solicitor to buy property at auction? If so, why? And how does the process compare to estate agent sale conveyancing?

In this article, the property auction sale experts at Property Solvers discuss solicitors for auction property – including their importance, the ways in which they can protect you and how to find the right one for your purchase.

Auction Property Conveyancing

It is absolutely vital to find a good solicitor for an auction property purchase.

Bidding on an auction often requires more legal assistance at an earlier stage than an estate agent sale. This is because all checks, searches and legal arrangements need to be made before you bid.

You may think you’ve found an auction property for a great low price, but without a specialist in conveyancing for auction property, you may not realise what is hidden in the “legal pack” until there’s no way to back out.

When purchasing via an estate agent, you have the right to drop out of the sale from the time the buyer accepts your offer until you exchange contracts.

However, by law, in a property auction, the highest bidder must commit to the sale as soon as the auction is over. This means that if you find any problems with the property’s title, access or other elements after you’ve placed your bid, it will be too late.

What do Auction Property Solicitors Do?

The right auction conveyancing specialist will produce a detailed report on the property you are planning to bid on.

This report is likely to include:

  • Findings resulting from a detailed examination of the auction legal pack
  • A title check and interpretation
  • Risk reports
  • The results of local authority, environmental and other searches
  • Information about any outstanding fees

Here’s a broad idea of the conveyancing processes followed during a property auction sale:

What do Auction Property Solicitors Do?What do Auction Property Solicitors Do?

Perhaps one of the most important jobs a solicitor will do is to carefully check for any information or paperwork that is missing or may have been overlooked. They will then flag up any potential problems with you.

Problems that arise after you have placed a winning bid could result in major problems. If you’re relying on a mortgage, they have the potential to invalidate your auction pre-approval. They may also represent hidden costs that will push you way over budget.

The help of a good solicitor will protect you from this.

Protection Against Fraud

Having a legal adviser on hand can also be extremely useful if it turns out that a seller is dishonest.

On rare occasions, a property’s “sellers” have utilised identity fraud to attempt to dupe buyers into bidding for a property that is actually owned by someone else.

There is also the possibility that a seller is attempting to sell an unsuitable house – for example, one that is condemned or the subject of ongoing title disputes – order to avoid having to deal with it themselves. They may then try to disguise these issues to trick an unsuspecting buyer into taking on these responsibilities.

Because you will be legally obligated to complete the purchase of the property once your bid has been accepted, it is vital that you check for any underhanded activity before bidding starts. Your solicitor can be a lifesaver in these instances.

How to Find Auction Conveyancing Solicitors

It should be easy to find the right solicitor to help you with your auction purchase. You’ll find plenty of websites dedicated to solicitor reviews, so check these out first. You can also ask friends, family members and social media contacts for recommendations.

The auction house you are planning to use may have some recommendations of their own.

Ideally, you should find a legal professional with lengthy experience in property auctions. This means they’ll know the process well and won’t need any prompting.

So – do you need a solicitor to buy a house at auction? The answer is unequivocally “yes”. You will avoid numerous potential mistakes and unnecessary costs if you do not find legal assistance at the right time.

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