If you’ve come across an appealing auction property, instructing a conveyancing solicitor to review a legal pack can be a wise idea.

One of the main benefits is ensuring there are no nasty surprises (legally speaking) down the line should you win the bid.

This is particularly important as – with traditional auctions – the fall of the hammer effectively represents an exchange of contracts. Withdrawing from the sale will mean loss of the deposit and incurring a range of abortive costs.

Whilst modern auctions have longer exchange (and deposit payment) timeframes, there will still be financial penalties if you decide to pull out.

How Much Does an Auction Legal Pack Review Cost?

Property Solvers Auctions approached 10 different solicitor firms specialising in auction conveyancing to get an idea.

Our research pointed to the average auction legal pack review costing £408 + VAT.

Auction Legal Pack Review Cost (Updated June 2022)

Please note the following:

  • Time pressure and having to prioritise legal pack reviews over other work.  This may mean conveyancers will charge higher if the auction is on the verge of ending.  We generally recommend the conveyancer giving at least a week’s notice to minimise costs;
  • There are likely to be supplementary charges for leasehold property legal pack reviews.  This is due to the extra paperwork requiring analysis;
  • Given the extra complexity, commercial, mixed-use, industrial property and land auction legal pack reviews will often cost more.  Note, however, that not all conveyancers offer this service;
  • Conveyancers will not be able to help with any planning-related questions;
  • Similarly, conveyancers can not advise on any physical issues with the property;
  • Some conveyancers may charge more if the property has a higher value (typically over £250,000);
  • The conveyancer may also charge for reasonable disbursements.

Note that the auctioneer also has a responsibility to alert buyers if the property is for cash buyers only.  Similarly, if the property is council-owned or under shared ownership – the auctioneer should be clear about any specific conditions of sale.

You may also be able to discount the cost of the legal pack review against the conveyancing final fee should you win the bid.  It’s also worth asking the auctioneer if they offer any discounts for multiple purchases.

Auction Conveyancing Services

If you’re looking at an auction property and would like one of our recommended conveyancing partners to review the legal pack, please complete this form.

We would usually ask for a week’s notice (prior to the auction close), but our conveyancer associates may have some flexibility.

For more information on any aspects of buying and selling at auction, contact our specialist team 24/7.